Axia3 ProDigestive Antacid


The original natural formula now solid in over 2,000 retailers.

This ProDigestive Antacid offers:

  1. Fast Heartburn Relief
  2. ProDigestive Enzymes
  3. Fresh Breath > Mint Flavor

Sweetened with diabetic friendly and dentist recommended xylitol.
45 Chewable Tablets
It Really Works Fast!
No Artificial colors or flavors.

Made in the USA

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Product Safety Info

We have all of our products triple checked for safety.  Most companies check twice for microbes and heavy metals.  (Once from the distributor, once after it is manufactured) We take a third step and send out random samples pulled from each lot and check a third time.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


  1. I first discovered this product in Whole Foods as I was looking for an antacid that did not or contained very little Calcium. Plus this product has probiotics.

  2. A very good product with natural ingredients. It does help heartburn. You get 45 tablets. A very good product and you get a lot more than you do with the rolls of Axia.

  3. It mitigates any heartburn I get and the ingredients are superior to Tums. Xylitol is used instead of sugar or fructose as a sweetener, which is teeth friendly.

  4. I am amazed how good this product is….It’s hard to not get addictive because it works so well when your stomach acts up with gas…I try using it only when my gas is uncontrollable…..I recommend this product highly…..Blessings!

  5. These are great. I kind of wish they came in a tube or a bulk container (or at least had that option). I love that they have the digestive enzymes, and being pregnant I didn’t need Tums slowing down my digestion even more! They also seem to work better than Tums. It could be the mint, or it could be the combination of the typical calcium based antacid with the baking soda. I’m looking forward to Axia4 to come out with the probiotics included!

  6. I normally only need 1 tablet, I do take it as soon as I know I’m going to have heartburn, even if it is right before I eat vs. right after vs. 2 hours after. (they normally only have the single rolls too…)

  7. Love the mild mild mint -not too over powering. Plus love its ” dual action”. first it helps you feel better with the antacid, then it has enzymes to help you digest the food causing the heartburn faster.

  8. Axia3 is hard to find in stores yet in my area, but I have no problem getting it right away on line. It works better than any other acid reliever I’ve ever tried. I have had acid burning problems of one kind or another for many years and have tried so many relief products that I’ve lost count. Axia3 works better than any of them and it’s healthier for me. It provides immediate relief. It has a pleasant taste, no chalky after-taste.

  9. I discovered this completely by accident. I didn’t really think they would do any better than all the other ant-acid tables I’ve used (and I’ve been using them for 30 years) and they sat in my drawer for a long time. Finally I remembered to try one. I only had it in my mouth for a few seconds and I knew these are FAR BETTER than anything else: almost instant heart-burn relief.
    I’ve found that using them means you don’t need to keep using more and more – I can tell they are ASSISTING my digestion, as opposed to masking a symptom with no help for digestion at all. I went right back to that drug store but it was too late, they had stopped carrying them. The only way to get them in my ‘small’ town of 55,000 is to special order them or get them on-line.
    So, if you are a drug store, please carry them! If you are a potential consumer I hope you’ll try them. I’m not associated with this company in any way other than as a consumer, but I want AXIA3 to survive… I NEED it to so I can!!!

  10. This is the only thing that will work on mine and my sons belly, I use to use a product called digel and they stopped making it and now I have found this saving grace. If your belly hurts or is sour at all take 2 and you are good to go

  11. This product gets rid of heartburn faster and better than any product I have used. The ingredients seem safer to ingest than some of the other OTC choices.

  12. Fantastic — so much better than the chemical junk, and so effective! I love this stuff!

    I have to laugh at the reviewer who says they’re too hard — if you’re so weak-jawed you can’t crunch them up, just let them dissolve in your mouth. They taste like those little mints offered at restaurants — just enjoy them as you would a piece of candy!

    Great results – thanks for making such an effective natural product!

  13. Axia3 Antacid is the best!!! It neutralizes stomach acid quickly & naturally. It’s amazing how it soothes a sour stomach so quickly! I keep some handy all the time. I order these regularly.

  14. I chew these after foods that are more difficult for me to digest and they are great. They do not taste bad either.

  15. I get heartburn more than I would like. This product calms the heartburn without causing any issues with pooping. Other antacids leave me constipated for days and don’t treat my heartburn as thoroughly as this product does.

  16. Love the new packaging! And the “old” product worked great – expecting the same from the product in the new packaging.

  17. I can’t live without my Axia 3. I take it every night and wonder how I ever lived without it. Instant relief.

  18. Tried many different products but this one is a winner, works quickly. Easier to buy on-line than in a drug store

  19. Great stuff. Natural, good tasting digestive relief that does work. Usually just one does the trick.

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